Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Jobs in Bangalore that you can apply to

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India and soon it may be declared a metropolis. The main growth centre of Bangalore is its IT hubs which employ thousands of youngsters. The IT boom in Bangalore started in the early 1990s when the Government of Karnataka realized that IT is the future of the country and hence declared certain areas to be SEZs and offered tax concession and other schemes for attracting investment. Some of the first Indian IT companies such as Infosys and Wipro set up base in the city. Today, there are a number of tech parks in the city such as the Manyata Tech Park, Electronic City etc. which have offices of MNCs such as Dell, Deloitte, Microsoft, BNP Paribas and other companies along with Indian concerns such as TCS, Tech Mahindra etc. 
Based on the IT industry in Bangalore, a lot of secondary industries have also come up such as those of e-commerce, retail, hotels and hospitality, tourism etc. Bangalore has favorable weather all through the year which allows people to thrive in the city. Another important feature of the city is that the population is young and buzzing with innovative ideas that Bangalore is gladly acting as incubator to.

If you have completed your studies and are looking for a job, your best bet would be to move to Bangalore. No matter what your discipline was, you would get a good job in the city. There are plenty of walk-ins that are conducted in Bangalore and these companies offer good jobs that pay well. The numbers of companies in Bangalore are quite high and you can quickly change jobs to obtain better paying ones that offer you tougher challenges.

The top 5 sectors in which you can find jobs in Bangalore area:

1.      BPOs and Call Centres- Unlike other areas of the country, call centres in Bangalore offer good pays and amenities to their employees. Some of the biggest BPOs in the country such as IBM Daksh and Convergys are based in the city. You can start off with a well paying job as a caller and then quickly rise to the position of team leader and higher positions.

2.      Associate Systems Engineer- Most IT companies in Bangalore such as TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, and Accenture etc. offer jobs to freshers as Associate Systems Engineer. Not only can BE and BTech graduates apply for these jobs but also MCA and BCA graduates. Walk-ins are conducted by these companies from time to time and you can find good positions in these companies. The jobs are mostly project based and you may be sent off to offices in other cities. This proposition can be quite beneficial because you may opt to take a transfer in a city near your hometown. The pay of an associate systems engineer is around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 in a month although it may be higher if you have prior experience. Getting promoted in this job sphere is very easy and you may even be sent to foreign countries for on-site jobs.

If you are well versed in certain kinds of software such as Adobe, MySQL, Python, JavaScript etc. finding jobs would be easier for you. Therefore, you should get some courses in one of these languages done.

3.      Working for an e-commerce- Some of the largest e-commerce companies of India are located in Bangalore and they hire staffs for handling various jobs such as maintenance of inventory, customer support, digital marketer, sales representative etc. E-commerce companies are fun to work for because the crowd is young and you can vent your creative ideas working with the teams.

4.      Advertising Agencies- A lot of advertising agencies are based in Bangalore who works with clients in India and abroad. They require employees in various capacities such as that of copywriter, sales and media personnel, creative consultants etc. Therefore, if you have a creative bent of mind, you should not hesitate to try your luck in these advertising agencies. From writing copy for real estate companies to clothes brands, you can try your hand at a lot of things.

5.      Digital Marketing Company- Because there are a lot of e-commerce websites and IT companies based out of Bangalore, digital marketing too has become a huge deal in Bangalore. There are many good companies based in Bangalore who handle social media promotions, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns etc. and if you have a knack for digital companies, you can try your hand at them.
6.      Business Analytics and Management Consulting- There are many large business consulting and management firms in Bangalore such as Deloitte, Mu Sigma, Nett Positive, Blue Ocean Analytics etc. which hire business analysts. Knowledge of statistics, economics or mathematics is required for this position. If you have completed a course in SAS or some other analytic software, then your chances of finding employment in Bangalore are higher.

7.      Teaching-Bangalore has a number of engineering and medical colleges where you can find employment as teachers. A lot of people from across India move to Bangalore for studying engineering or medicine and these colleges require good faculty. If you do not have the requisite qualifications to become a college teacher, you could always try your hand at school teaching. Most neighbourhoods in Bangalore have schools which require good quality teachers. 

The career options available in Bangalore are quite high irrespective of the discipline you belong to. By completing a few additional courses, you will have good opportunities of employment. Even if you do not get them done, there are plenty of jobs in Bangalore available that you can try out for. You can conduct job searches in Bangalore while at home through job listing sites. Complete details of the package offered, qualification needed and job responsibilities are shared on the listings and you can apply to them online to get good jobs. A lot of people have landed good jobs in Bangalore through online job search sites and you may try them too.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finding Jobs On The Internet

The internet has changed our lives quite radically in recent times. The internet has changed the way we shop for essentials and find information. The internet is a minefield of information. There is no information that is not available on the internet. This has made our lives easier and made us more dependent on the internet at the same time. The present day job market is in poor shape; this is mostly due to recessionary factors and other economic problems plaguing business markets in recent times. Companies have stopped hiring talent in large numbers and there are limited vacancies on offer at most offices and companies. This has created a huge problem for the youth of today. Youngsters fresh out of college or university have no tangible job avenues to opt for. 

Online Jobs

They are finding it hard to land good jobs of their choice. Alongside, they do not have any clues with regard to the available jobs in their desired locations and the application procedure for the same. Once again, the internet trumps over all conventional job hunting and application methods these days. Conventional methods usually involved waiting for newspaper advertisements and applying thereafter, contacting all friends, relatives and other contacts for job leads and also relying on newspaper classified advertisements. While the latter is usually considered unreliable and shady, the former is a rarity nowadays. Most companies do not advertise limited vacancies with full blown newspaper advertisements.

Alongside, word of mouth networking does not yield any guaranteed results. This also takes time and energy to materialize and cannot be relied upon as an option in today’s fast paced times. The internet provides several methods and avenues for finding jobs. You can check out online job portals in this regard. However, these portals do not always possess a large number of vacancies in every business sector. You will also have a tough time finding jobs in your preferred location on these portals. Most importantly, these portals follow a tedious and time consuming application and enrolment process which is another deterrent. Creating your own profile on these profiles is a humungous task of sorts.

Your best bet is to rely on online job classifieds portals. These portals contain a wide range of employment opportunities at major companies and organizations. You will find several categories and listings for business sectors. You are assured of finding vacancies in almost every business sector you can think of. You can apply to jobs in a jiffy by replying to advertisements posted by job providers. This is a simple process and does not take up much time at all. You can even post resume or post your own advertisement on these portals.

Online classifieds portals help you reach out to prospective employers by posting advertisements under your desired business category or sub category. You can also create your own resume for free on these portals. Use these portals to find good jobs in your preferred location near you or any other city in India.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Explore Job Opportunities Online

Job opportunities are increasingly hard to find in today’s times. This has translated into an immensely tough situation for modern day youngsters. Today’s youngsters, fresh out of university or college, find it hard to get jobs that are suitable for their educational qualifications, talents, skills and areas of expertise. Most end up working at jobs which are a far departure from their preferred business areas. Some even end up going abroad for further study and work opportunities. The majority of individuals end up struggling for jobs in their preferred locations. There is severe competition for good jobs these days.

There are various opportunities that are still relevant in the present scenario. However, you need to explore them thoroughly to get the results you really desire. You can zero in on part time employment opportunities or even work from home jobs. With the economy still in stagnant mode, companies and other organizations seek part time or freelance employees in huge numbers. This is mainly because of the lower costs involved in the process. As a freelance or part time employee, you can build up a good network of professional contacts. This will ensure long term work and keep you happily employed without any hassles or other problems.

You can also search for good government jobs in your desired areas. The government has been the single largest employer of young professionals each year. This is one trend that has been prevailing in the market for quite some time as the private sector rushes to cut its losses garnered on account of the recession. However, landing government jobs requires loads of study, proper knowledge of the opportunities available and many other factors. You have to be persistent if you want to land a quality government job in your preferred location. There are various sectors where skilled and talented youngsters are required.

This includes manufacturing, public works, construction, oil and natural gas, engineering, natural reserves, telecommunications, public utilities, sports, manufacturing, governmental operations, government affiliated business hubs and education. You can try your hand at applying for government jobs and clearing requisite examinations for the same. Alongside, you can also use online job classifieds portals to find your desired public and private sector jobs without any hassles. These portals will help you find a wide variety of jobs in almost every major business category you desire.

There are a plethora of advertisements posted on these sites, which contain details of job openings and other information. You can apply to jobs in a jiffy and post your own advertisement, detailing your skills and educational qualifications. The latter step will get you loads of responses from potential work providers in a very short period of time. These portals will help you find your desired freelance, part time or full time jobs in both public and private sectors. You will be able to find your preferred job in any city of your choice. Online classifieds portals are a viable option for all job seekers in the present scenario.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Earn Money By Working From Home

There may be many obligations that a person faces when he/she decides to work. Small children at home, ailing parents or other obligations can prevent a person from taking a job up. More than men, women comply with such obligations and they stay back at home. However, to support one’s family comfortably, more than one pay packet is needed. Both husband and wife need to earn in order to take good care of a family. Nowadays, women can stay back at home and earn a handsome amount to spend on their families. There are many avenues of making money while staying at home.

Giving Tuitions - Most school children nowadays go for tuitions from a very young age. Parents are much busy to look in to their children’s studies, which is why they appoint tuition teachers to take care of their studies. Depending on the grade with which you are comfortable to teach, you can decide to form batches or small groups of students whom you can teach. If you spare 3 days of a week for teaching children at home, you can make up to Rs 10,000, depending on the number of batches you are teaching. You can also go to a student’s house to teach them. However, that can take up a lot of time and may be very tiring.

Doing Data Entry Jobs - Data entry jobs require you to copy information into a database provided. You will be given the sheet where the data needs to be put in along with the data. Depending on the number of entries you make, the payment is made. The job does not require much effort and by working for 2-3 hours in a day during your spare time, you can make Rs 5,000 almost!

Data Entry Jobs

Content Writing - Bangalore freelancers are making a killing by doing freelance writing work. You will be given a topic to write on and you can do your search on it and write the articles. Usually the payment is made on the basis of each word written. By writing for a few hours in a day, you can earn Rs 200 to Rs 300. When calculated, the amount comes to Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per month. If you enjoy writing, then this is the ideal job for you.

Jobs in Bangalore are available aplenty for freelancers. Some of these jobs are so simple that school graduates can also take them up. Many college goers pursue these activities in order to earn pocket money. The number of hours to be invested is not much and the activities can be pursued at one’s own leisure. You can reschedule your tuitions if you have emergencies or cancel them altogether.

To look up for such jobs, you can log into online classifieds and look up the Bangalore freelancers’ page. You can find different data entry and content writing jobs on it suit your needs. You may also post your own listing on the website for free!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beating Job Market Blues Effectively

The present day job market is a minefield of competition, lack of opportunities and severe stress. Global economic crashes and other factors have brought most economies to a standstill. This has set off a chain of factors which have impacted employment the most. India is no exception to these recessionary trends. Youngsters and other job seekers in India have to keep waiting for their desired job opportunities or opt for jobs that are vastly different form their own areas of expertise. The latter trend has fast been catching on, as people look for the security and stability offered by a job, especially at the financial level.

Alongside, job market blues have also affected companies. They are more reluctant than ever to hire new talent, especially in large numbers. This has led to a lack of opportunities. Alongside, new projects have been stalled in larger numbers, thereby leading to lower job creation than ever. Alongside, there are very few vacancies at multinational companies and corporate conglomerates as career advancement and attrition are slowly becoming rarely heard terms in the business lexicon.

Today’s youngsters have limited access to proper job opportunities and openings. They do not have access to updated knowledge of the same as well. Alongside, they have to face severe competition for a miniscule number of positions available at various business houses or in various sectors of the economy. Government jobs are hard to obtain and there is severe competition in this sector as well. How can you beat job market blues and find good jobs near you or jobs in other cities?

This is only possible with the following steps:
  • Academics: Teaching and research are disciplines that are always in demand. This is one rare sector where demand is more than the supply of skilled and qualified youngsters and experienced professionals who are willing to train, educate and groom the next generation
  • Entrepreneurship: Do you have a great business idea? Can you plug a crucial business gap? Do you have a good plan and strategy in place? If your answers are yes, you can think of starting your own business. India is a great place to start businesses owing to the large population and huge demand for every inconceivable product or service. However, you should have the confidence to draw investors and form good teams if you are an entrepreneur. This is a long and arduous road to take so you should have some amount of passion for the same
  • Freelancing: This is a good way to stay employed and work on multiple projects with multiple providers. Not only does this allow you to be your own boss, it helps you earn a decent income as well
  • Part time jobs: These jobs are well paying and help you polish your skills further. You can be absorbed into the company you work with or land better employment at a later time with this experience

You can find loads of options on online job classifieds sites. You can post resume, create your own resume and post your own advertisements under business categories for free. Online classifieds portals are the best outlet for solutions that help you beat job market blues successfully!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Work Opportunities In The Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector is one of the booming ones in India. Hotels are opening up in every corner of cities and they need staff to man the operations. Some hospitality chains are opening up hotels in tourist places in order to attract customers there too. The hotels opening up in tourist places are replete with luxuries such as pools, sauna, massage centres, yoga classes and other activities that can truly rejuvenate a person. Resorts are coming up along highways where families can check in for relaxation over the weekend.

For all the amenities offered, the amount charged is not much. These resorts offer safe parking spots to park one’s car as well hence families can drive down to the resorts.

The employment opportunities in these resorts and hotels are quite high. Not only do they offer rooms for people to stay in but they also have bars, restaurants and conference and banquet halls where some or the other event is conducted. Therefore, staffs are needed to look into operations of all aspects.

Hospitality industry requires housekeeping services to clean rooms, bars, restaurants and other halls. Housekeepers are supposed to sweep the room clean after a guest moves out and before another one moves in. They are also supposed to change bed spreads and provide clean dustbins, glasses and drinking water.

Bartenders are needed to take of the bar or discotheque within a hotel. The demand for flair bartenders is very high these days as they can perform some tricks with alcohol to keep customers entertained. Hospitality industry also needs staffs in the kitchen to prepare food that shall be provided to guests at the hotel via the restaurant or room service. Hotels with conference and banquet hall need a sizeable staff of kitchen workers to cater to any large event being organized on the premise. Lobby managers, front desk managers, concierge are other staffs who are very important in a hotel. They are the ones that maintain links between customers and the hotel’s staffs.

How to get a job in a hotel?

Hospitality employment in reputed hotels is offered to students of hospitality management who are trained in the various aspects of hotel management. There are many hotel management schools in the city that you can join for a 3 year degree course. There are many certification and diploma courses available as well that you can pursue in order to get employed in hotels.

During your course, you will be sent for internships at various 5 and 4 star hotels. Based on your performance, many hotels recommend you to others or absorb you into their staff.

If you do not find job in a hotel, then don’t be disheartened. There are many restaurants and bistros where you can start off. The experience that you gather will help you get a better position later on.

To find a job that suits your qualification, you can log into online classifieds websites and look for hospitality employment.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting Your CV Made Online

Your curriculum vitae should be made in a way so that all relevant details about you are provided to the reader. Recruiters and talent acquisition managers get hundreds of CVs to go through for any particular job. Hence, they cannot devote much time to read your CV. You need to present every little detail about you in a compact manner.

What should you include in a CV?

Before getting down to making your CV, you need to understand what you need to keep in your CV and what you need to leave out.

  1. Limit your resume to only one page. No HR manager spends more than a minute to look at a CV hence you should utilize the space provided within this page to fit in all the relevant information about you.
  2. Make tables to enter your educational information. Include columns for name of the institution, board, the percentage obtained and the year of graduation. Start entering with your highest qualification obtained.
  3. Include only relevant professional experience. If you have worked for some company then you can leave out your internship details. Write in the name of the company, the period that you have worked for and the position that you have held. If you have space, write in brief about your job.
  4. Do not include too many personal details. Include only your contact information. Give your name as the heading of the resume and write in your address and other contact information as the subtitle. That way, you will be saving a lot of space to write in your strengths.
  5. After writing in the content for every main heading, enter a few salient features about it. For example, if you had won any award as a scholar or in your old office, you can include the details of that.
  6. If you have won accolades in extra-curricular activities, then don’t forget to mention that. However, be careful as to what you want to put in. For example, if you have won some competition at the national level, then you may leave out details of any school or college level tournament that you have won.
Using an Online Resume Builder

If you are unsure about how to write your resume, you can use the online resume builder offered by most jobs site. These websites take you through several steps where you will be required to enter your information. At the end of it all, you will be provided a soft copy of your tailor made CV to download.

There may be certain terms and sections that may be irrelevant for you when you are getting your CV made through this professional CV builder. Therefore, instead of jobs site, you can try out some online classifieds websites which create your resume within minutes. They require you to type in some basic information about you using which they create your CV. You do not need to upload your photo and any other detail that is not applicable in your case. Log in and see for yourself!